Poster by Chris Nobbs

Actors – Kate Marie Davies and Costa Chard


When a woman is left for dead suffering from severe memory loss, and her husband’s dead body is later found by a Detective, they discover an underground memory trafficking operation run by a mysterious man who goes by the name Logan…

VANESSA WADE dramatically wakes under water in a fast flowing river – dumped when mistaken for being dead.  After a fight with treacherous waters that nearly take her life, she makes it to the safety of a river bank where she collapses.  Vanessa wakes in hospital with no memory of what happened, left with distorted images of a room number – 237, and a distinguished gentleman’s devious grin.  She returns to a home she doesn’t recall ever living in, scattered with memories of a life with a husband she no longer remembers marrying.  With her husband, SEAN, still missing, Vanessa starts to look into his disappearance in the hope of getting to the truth and rediscovering her stolen memories…

© Christopher Lombard


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